If you are a neat freak, pregnancy can be quite a hard time since you are almost restricted. It is even harder when you have a problematic pregnancy because you cannot do anything in the house. So, is it safe to vacuum during pregnancy? This question can be answered in two ways according to how problematic your pregnancy is. When one is pregnant, it is advisable to stop doing some chores, especially strenuous ones.

Vacuuming when pregnant is perfectly safe but only when you do not have any complications. You can read Shark vs. Dyson side by side comparison and get one that fits your needs.  However, you need to know that some products can be unhealthy for your health especially when pregnant. So, read all the instructions before using any product to know the ones that are bad for your health.

Measures pregnant women should take when vacuumin

1.Do not move furniture

Moving furniture and picking other heavy stuff when cleaning can be quite harmful. Your back is quite vulnerable at this particular time, and any pressure on your body can be fatal. Have someone lift the furniture for you then you can vacuum. Better still, you can just vacuum on the areas where you do not need to lift anything.


Avoid cleaning areas where you need to climb a ladder or an on a stool or any other higher surface because you are more susceptible to slipping and falling.

3.Avoid stairs

Avoid stairs at all costs and if you have to use the stairs make sure you are not carrying anything heavy. Do not move your laundry up and down the stairs, have someone else do it for you. Go for the best vacuums for stairs.

4. Cleaning mold

Make sure any mold in your house gets cleaned as soon as it occurs because mold emits toxic gases which are harmful to your unborn baby. Just make sure you do not clean it but have someone do it for you instead.

Precautions when cleaning during pregnancy

  • Be informed: make sure you read all the labels of all your cleaning agents for information on to know the toxic ones and the suitable ones. Karryean.com has a big list of cleaning and organization articles that are very useful.
  • Get ventilation: when cleaning, open all the windows when cleaning for fresh air such that all the fumes from the cleaning products will escape thus making your cleaning safer.
  • Go green: When cleaning, use natural products that have less concentration of chemicals because they are safer. Such products will also be good when the baby comes, and you need their room cleaned.
  • Take a break: it is ok to take a break when cleaning and mores when you are pregnant since one tends to run out of breath faster. In case you feel nauseous, go out and catch some fresh air.
  • Keep dust off: to keep dust out of your house, leave your shoes out when coming from your errands and ask other people to leave their shoes out too. Also, have meshes installed to reduce dust and insects coming into your house.


If you can, get weekly or fortnightly cleaning services from cleaning companies and the rest of the days just be cleaning where you can. Just be vacuuming where you do not need to move heavy items. Better still, you can ask family members to help to clean after them to reduce the amount of cleaning.

Everyone should be careful not to spill stuff on surfaces to reduce the need for you to vacuum. Also, dirty shoes should be left out to reduce the amount of dust getting into the house. In short, avoid strenuous work during pregnancy.