What is a Diaper Pail?

A diaper pail is a trash bin specifically meant for dirty diapers. Diaper pails solve the problem of smelly diapers in your kitchen or wherever it is that your trash bin is kept. A diaper pail is best placed near your changing station to reduce the number of trips you have to make after you change your baby. A diaper pail is either made of plastic or metal that can’t absorb the diaper odor.

Diaper pails should have lids so that the foul smell can be contained inside the bin. The diaper pail should be lined with a paper bag to make the disposal as easy possible. Lastly, diaper pails have deodorizers that keep the pail smelling fresh or neutral.

On average, a baby will use 12 diapers in a day which comes to 400 pieces a month and almost 5000 diapers in a year. This means that you’ll need a ‘permanent’ solution to your diaper problems. Most people will settle for the good old trash bin but with such a huge usage of diapers, you’ll need to have a separate bin.

The smell of used diapers becomes offensive once the baby is weaned; that’s why a diaper pail becomes handy. A diaper pail is not meant for babies only; adults who use diapers can also use them.

Types of Diaper Pails

Diaper pails come in two types. Dry and wet diaper pails.

1. Dry diaper pails

This is the most common diaper pail in the market. They are similar to the good old trash cans and they use plastic bags or liners. You can use cloth or disposable diapers in this pail. This pail can be moved meaning you can place it anywhere in the house. Compared to wet diaper pails, dry diaper pails are easier to clean because you can remove the liners easily for trashing or for cleaning.

2. Wet diaper pails

This diaper pail can only be used for cloth diapers since it doesn’t make sense to put disposable diapers in this pail. Wet diaper pails contain water which means the diapers will be soaked and any solid attached to the diapers will come out. Some parents will let the diapers stay in the pail while others will clean them in the next cleaning cycle. To keep the diapers from smelling, some people will use vinegar or baking soda; these two will also reduce chances of cloth staining.

There being so many brands of diaper pails in the market, you might need a little help to choose the one that suits your needs.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Diaper Pail

1. Deodorizer

The only difference between a diaper pail and a normal trash bin is the deodorizer. Deodorizers keep the bad odor away while making the pail smelling fresh. Deodorizers will come in different scents such as lavender, lemon, and tea tree among others

2. Liners

Most diaper pails will come with liners although liners are different. Some diaper pails are only compatible with specific liner brands. There are others that will use any trash bags; others are usable only once while others can be re-used. If you are on a tight budget, get one that can use any liner brands and one whose trash bags can be re-used

3. Childproof

All adults will and should use diaper pails with children in mind. With that in place, curious hands will still find their way on the diaper pail. To spare yourself the mess, get a diaper pail that has a child lock so that your kids will not end up making it a toy.

4. Construction

Diaper pails are made from plastic or metal but they’ll still have differences in terms of construction as well as other advantages. Plastic pails are the most used and they are readily available in the market. They don’t absorb the odor and they are cheaper as compared to metal diaper pails. Metal pails are long lasting as compared to plastic ones; they however are more expensive.

5. Airtight lids

Other than keeping the odor down, the airtight lids keep pets and children out of the diaper pail

6. Budget

A diaper pail that has more features will definitely cost more as compared to a simple diaper pail. As much as you are on a tight budget, it is good to buy a good quality pail to reduce the number of times you need to replace the pail. Also, before making a purchase, make sure to check if the pail uses a re-usable pail liner or a one-time use liner.

7. Other features

The other features that you might need to check are whether the diaper pail has a foot pedal so that you don’t have to keep on opening it using your hands. The convenience with such a pail makes all difference as compared to a plain diaper pail.

Using a Diaper Pail

Using a diaper pail doesn’t need you to study a manual. You just need to open the pail and trash your used diaper, simple! Some diaper pails have specific liners that require you to manually insert them while others can use just any plastic bag.

When you notice the diapers are almost filling up, remove the trash paper and replace with a clean one. Make sure you clean the diaper pail before replacing the plastic bag; clean the pail outside so that you can clean it thoroughly without worrying about spillage.

If you use washable diapers, make sure you remove any people before putting the used diaper in the trash bin. By doing so, you’ll make your work easier when its time to clean the diapers. Removing poop also lessens chances of the diapers getting permanent stains.

Advantages of Using Diaper Pails

1. They trap odors

Everyone wants a fresh environment and a smelling diaper isn’t won’t allow one to have fresh air. Getting a diaper pail will keep all the bad odors down meaning you can live in your house in peace.

2. Can be used for diapers of all sizes

Diaper pails come in all sizes meaning you can get one that can also hold adult diapers. Since you know how many times a baby or the adult uses a clean diaper, you’ll be able to choose the one that can comfortably hold the used diapers.

3. Improved cleanliness

As the dame suggests, diaper pails are only meant for used diapers. This makes it easier for you because when it’s time to dispose the garbage, you don’t have to start sorting out your trash into diapers, bio-degradable and non bio-degradable.

4. Wide variety of choices

Diaper pails come in different colors and sizes which give you a choice to get the one that matches your home theme. They also come in several brands meaning you can choose the one that suits your budget.

5. Convenience

If you live in a hood where garbage collection is done once in a week, you don’t have to worry that your diapers will make your lives unbearable. The lid and the deodorizer keep your environment clean and fresh smelling. Diaper pails are just a convenient way of trashing your used diapers.

Storing Dirty Diapers in Diaper Pails

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