Buying the best baby monitor requires performing some due diligence. If you’re like most parents, you’ve looked at an endless number of products, you’ve read consumer reviews, and you’ve talked to your friends about the monitor they use.  Still, you may be having a hard time committing to one particular model.

We review the best baby video monitor products available on the market today from brand name manufacturers as well as products from less well-known companies which sometime offer better value for money.

  • We identify the key features and benefits of each product
  • We analyze customer feedback gathered from across the internet
  • We identify the benefits and drawbacks of each product
  • We provide unbiased opinion based on each product’s value for money.

We do the research for you to make your decision easier when buying a baby video monitor.

Best Baby Monitor Comparison Chart

Types of Baby Monitors

Baby monitors are available in three main types – audio only, video, and motion sensing.

  • Audio monitors range widely from the most basic to advanced models with high level features that include temperature sensors, sophisticated noise filtering and digital menus to control the functions of the monitor easily.
  • Video baby monitors also have a range of features, but the selection and price points on them don’t vary quite as much as with audio. Video monitors generally include night vision, allowing you to keep an eye on your baby even at night. The quality varies as do the features of the monitor. Some will allow you to control the angle and zoom of the camera remotely, and the size of the screen on the parent’s unit ranges from very small to a large screen that is not easily portable but offers a great view of the baby.
  • Motion sensing monitors use a sensor that is placed beneath the crib mattress to monitor the baby’s smallest movements including breathing and heartbeat. They will sound an alarm if no motion is detected and provide parents with extra peace of mind over basic monitors. These monitor are usually combined with an audio monitor as well.

Baby Monitor Reviews

1. Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature Sensor and Night Mode- Audio clarity is important to me

This seems like a ridiculous question.  Why use a monitor if you’re not going to get clear sound, right?  However, some monitors have clear sound but terrible range and others have better range but terrible clarity.

DECT technology is a communications standard for digital enhanced cordless telecommunications (DECT) preferred by most countries in the world.

The Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor with Temperature and Humidity Sensors combines the clear interference-free sound of the DECT technology with complete climate monitoring to ensure baby’s comfort and safety. With a host of features including two-way talk back, this baby monitor meets just about every need for an audio monitor. The DECT technology offered by the Philips Avent monitor promises clear, interference free sound with no static and no security issues, giving you peace of mind.

Temperature and humidity sensors let you continuously monitor the climate in your baby’s room for the comfort and health of your baby. The two-way talk back features is an option that lets you have a conversation with another person through the monitor, helpful when you are stuck in the middle of a feeding or diaper change and need assistance. It can also be used to soothe the baby with the sound of your voice. The easily portable parents unit can be taken all over the house.


This monitor has the clearest sound available thanks to the DECT technology, and won’t interfere with household electronics.

The two-way talk back system is a great benefit, especially when you need the assistance or just to talk to someone else and can’t leave the nursery during a feeding or diaper change.

Monitoring the temperature and humidity in the nursery ensures baby’s climate is always comfortable and safe.

The page button makes it easy to locate a misplaced parents unit. Sound and lights allow you to “see” baby’s sounds even if ambient noise makes it hard to hear the monitor.

Battery back-up on the nursery unit means you don’t have to worry about a power outage cutting you off from your baby.


The nursery unit drains batteries very quickly, so the feature is really only good as a back-up. The unit comes in at a high price point for a monitor that does not include video.

No additional parents units are available, meaning you have to carry the same one around the house everywhere you go.

  1. Summer Infant In View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor- I want the largest video view possible

The Summer Infant In View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor lets you keep a close eye on your baby without disturbing sleep. The large screen makes it easy to see your baby’s every move and make sure everything is okay from anywhere in your home.

This monitor lets you get a really good look at your sleeping baby with a large 5” LCD screen that provides a full color image during the day and black and white night vision when the lights are out.

The convenient wall and under cabinet mounts mean the large parents unit can be kept out of the way. Clear audio and LED sound indicator lights make it easy to tell when baby needs attention. The size of the screen means you can really tell what your baby is doing – even see the baby’s chest rise and fall during sleep for the ultimate reassurance.


The main benefit of this product is that the large screen gives you a much better look at the baby than most video monitors. With a 5” full color LCD screen you can really see details and be sure your baby is sleeping soundly.

The one-touch on/off button for the video makes it easy to turn it off when you are sleeping and switch it back on if you hear the baby or just want to check in during the night.

Night vision makes it easy to see baby even in the dark. The screen can be mounted on the wall or under a cabinet, keeping it out of your way.

The LED lights let you know when baby is making noise, even if the video is off and the sound is turned down.

Additional cameras can be added for more angles or to view more than one child.


The size of the screen means it isn’t really all that portable, even though it has a carrying handle. With no additional screens available, the only choice is to carry the large parent unit from your bedroom to the kitchen and all over the house.

If you choose to mount it to the wall or under a cabinet it becomes even less easy to move. This unit does not have voice activation so you have to leave the audio on and turn the screen on manually when you hear the baby cry.

There are no battery options at all, meaning the unit is even less portable, and in the event of a power outage there is no way to see or hear the baby.

No extra parents units are available, meaning you really do have to move this one around.

  1. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

The infant optics DXR-8 video baby monitor is a great device that provides you with the remote access of your baby room. If you live in a lower story of your house and want to have an eye from your upper story as well, infant optics DXR-8 video baby monitor is specially a perfect device for you. As I have to go to my upper story for some work and can’t take my infant along with me while she is sleeping, I successfully use infant optics DXR-8 video baby monitor to look after my baby girl.

I usually remain near to my baby girl in the night time; however, I was wondering if I have to use in in the night time, would it give me any issues or not. I turned the light on and also turned on the camera, with a very little blur, the result was perfect. The little blur may be due to the baby light that maintain a low light in the baby room.

  1. I want to record the baby monitor activity
  2. Privacy of video signal is important to me
  3. I need more than one camera
  4. I have a large home and need the longest internal range possible
  5. I need more than 1 parent unit
  6. I have lots of technology, particularly wireless devices, in my home which may interfere with signal clarity of any baby monitor and need to account for those things
  7. My home loses power on a regular basis due to storms or other events
  8. My child has a health issue that requires a movement sensor for the crib

Benefits of Baby monitors

Monitors allow you to also speak to your baby over an intercom while viewing them on the video display. This can allow you to remain bonded to your child, even though you may be in another room in your home. Best of all, when your baby needs soothing, you can use one of our video monitors to easily soothe them without having to be in the same room.

There are even video monitors that offer side by side split screens so that you can keep an eye on your child from a variety of angles. This will give you the peace of mind that every parent wants and ensures that you will always know exactly what your child is up to at any moment during the day or night.

Choosing the Best Baby Monitor

Whether you’re a new parent or trying it out for the third time, there are some things you need to get before baby shows up. We are not just talking about diapers or formula, either. One of the most important items you can pick up is the best baby monitor. These one-way speakers let you know when your baby needs help or if there’s something wrong.

It’s imperative that you invest in the best baby monitor for your family. However, not every family needs the same kind of baby monitor. What your neighbors use may not be what you need. But how do you know exactly what you need? We have some questions to ask yourself below.

How Much Distance Do You Need?

Sometimes the best quality monitors don’t cover a lot of distance. Many parents are shocked to find out that the high rated baby monitor they bought isn’t strong enough to cover the distance between their bedroom and baby’s.

Know where you are going to put the other end of the speaker. Will it primarily be in your bedroom? How about in the kitchen or living room? If you have a small house, it probably won’t matter. But if you’re in a large house, or want to put a baby monitor in the garage where you work, then it’s a good idea to focus your search on a monitor that covers long distances.

How Long Does It Last?

Battery life is not the same in every unit. Changing out more and more batteries will add up in costs over time. Luckily, there are now monitors out there that can plug into the wall or be charged via a USB device.

If you work in an office and need to hear your child in the other room, you can plug a baby monitor into your laptop for optimum efficiency. Never again worry about your monitor breaking down when you need it the most.

What of Quality and Clarity

With baby monitors the biggest issue is the quality and clarity of the signal received. It’s a good idea to Pay attention to the product descriptions that address the issue in a concise and professional manner.

A key aspect to selecting a baby video monitor is signal privacy encoding and multiple channels which can save you headaches down the road when trying to get the product to work for you.

What Extra Features are Available?

It’s nice to have a nightlight in the unit, and the lullaby feature is also something you may be really thankful for having at 3 AM on more than one occasion.

Things like, mounting options and durability are also what you want to be looking for in a baby monitor as they will be just as important to you once you are trying to use the product at home.

The best baby monitor should provide all the features you want and need and function well in your house. Choosing a baby monitor is personal and really depends on how closely you wish to monitor your baby; hearing the baby, seeing the baby, or knowing that the baby is moving are all options, and your comfort level is the deciding factor.

Buying a Baby Video Monitor

There can be many issues that parents run into without ever having thought of watching for initially. It’s just part of life I guess and we all can expect to learn to problem solve on our feet every day, especially parents.

When it comes to video baby monitors, there are definitive issues that will become an issue for you once you have the unit at home.

Flash Lights: Avoid monitors which use a flash of light for night vision. This can be distracting to your child and possibly even wake them up.

It’s not clear why some manufacturers use a visible flash of light for night vision purposes but others use infrared lights which flash but are invisible to the human eye and are the obvious better choice.

Monitor Options: Be thorough in your research and avoid monitors which do not give you many mounting options for the camera. Nothing is more frustrating than to get a baby monitor unit home and unpackaged only to realize you cannot get a good view of your child because there is nothing to mount the thing to with your setup.

It’s also a good idea to avoid monitors which do not give you the option to power them with AC power as well as batteries. Believe it or not, not all monitors have AC power adapters included.

After prolonged use, the cost of supplying a video device with batteries can become quite expensive since they are very power hungry devices.

Sending a consistent video signal is also a very laboring task for these devices and powering them for an entire night will often drain batteries very quickly.

Bright LEDs: Lastly, avoid monitors which have reviews stating the LED on the camera which signals it is working is too bright.

It baffles me why some manufacturers overlook the importance of a soft glow LED or even having the indicator light on the back of the unit rather than the front.

Some monitors have a very bright green LED pointed directly at your child and can be very distracting and a nuisance.

Getting Your Wireless Baby Video Monitor to Work with Your Home Wi-Fi Network

You have a baby, you have a wireless video baby monitor and you have a wireless network and none of it works together. So what do you do?

Every wireless device works on a frequency and a channel. In your home or office, even from the neighbors, all the frequencies overlap and this is where the interference comes from.

So when you’re talking on your cordless phone and all of a sudden you hear static or another voice it might be someone just driving by your house on a cell phone. As it overlaps your frequency you hear them.

The same thing happens when you have a wireless video baby monitor and a wireless router or a Wi-Fi network. They overlap and while you’re trying to watch your baby you get voice static and lines in the video.

You can also get interference from your microwave, your cordless phone and sometimes the neighbor’s wireless router and even their wireless baby monitor. So how do you fix this?

Most wireless routers work on 2.6 GHz. This is the radio frequency most commonly used for microwaves, cordless phones, and wireless video baby monitor. One sure way to fix this problem is to get a cordless phone under/over 2.6 GHz such as a 5.8 GHz, 1.9 GHz, or 900-megahertz (MHz) band phone.

If it’s not possible to replace your phone then you can change the channel on the wireless video baby monitor. Most baby monitors come with multi channels.

If possible try to get both devices as far away from each other as you can. It will eliminate some of the interference but not all of it because they will still overlap. There are some wireless routers that allow for the circle of frequency to be changed.

So instead of having a wireless router that has a reach of 300 feet, you can change it to 30 feet. (This is an example only. You wouldn’t actually change to this)

Most wireless video baby monitors come with multi-channels that are easy to change. Another way is to change the channel on your wireless router. You have to go into the admin panel through a web browser but your router’s manual will step you through the process. What if neither of these solutions work?

You can use the tried and true method and turn off the wireless router when you don’t need it. If the interference is coming from your neighbors’ wireless router you could ask then to change their channel or turn it off. Not the best solution but until technology fixes this problem these are the best solutions for now.

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