The best thing about tiles floors is that they are durable and they are easy to clean. Tiles are easy to maintain because even when they are glazed, they have a protective layer that is impervious to dirt, stains, water or chemicals. As much as tiles are low maintenance, you have to keep them clean for them to maintain that god look.  So, how do you clean them? Here are pointers on the best way to clean your tiles floors.

Vacuum cleaning dirty tile floor

Vacuum your tiles a few times in a week in readiness for that thorough weekly cleaning. Grit and sand can dull the surface, and the tiles even get scratched. Once you have removed the sand and the grit, you are ready to mop.

Get a mixture of hot water, and mild detergent then uses a mop because using a sponge will only push dirty water into the small partitions where tiles join.

Keep changing your cleaning water to avoid leaving dirty marks. If you leave some dirty marks by mistake, use an all-purpose cleaner to remove them; just make sure the cleaner is non-abrasive. You can also make yours by mixing vinegar or lemon with hot water; use it with a towel that you can push on the floor using your rag.

One important thing that you should know about tiled floors is keeping the grout clean. A dirty grout makes the floors look dingy. The grit being porous easily absorbs dust, grease, and other materials, so it is important to keep it clean at all times.

Spray the grout with a commercial grit cleaner; you can also use mild bleach and in both instances, use a pair of gloves to protect your hands from the harsh chemicals. If the grout has deep stains, let the cleaning agent sit there for 10 minutes then use a small brush to scrub it.

If there are stubborn stains, make water and baking soda paste. Apply the paste on those stains and leave it overnight then scrub with an iron brush. Never use a metal brush because it’ll scratch the grout/tiles. Once clean, let the grout dry and then seal with the silicon-based sealer to prevent future stains and other dirt.

For juice, tea or coffee stains, use hot water and detergent then blot out the surface with hydrogen peroxide. If the floors have grease stains, clean the stain with club soda and water, better still you can use a commercial floor cleaner.

Purple mop being used to clean tiles

For ink stains on the floor tiles, soak a cloth in some diluted bleach and place the cloth on the stain. Let the cloth sit there until the stain is gone then rinse the surface thoroughly.

In conclusion, clean your stains as soon as possible; this reduces your weekly cleaning workload. Its also makes sure the tiles maintain their glow for a long time to come.  By just using a mop and water and detergent, your tiles will always look good and well maintained.

Entry, kitchen, and bathroom are the most likely areas to be stained; scrub them as often as you can. Vacuum them once or two times in a week and you will have an easy day on your weekly cleaning day.