1) Size

When it comes to waffle makers, size can definitely make a difference. Many designs range from compact for easy storage to bulky for more commercial purposes. So, before you go out buying the best waffle iron, make sure that you assess how much room you have in your kitchen. Ask yourself, where will you store it when it’s not in use? Is there cupboard space? Will it stay on the counter?

If you buy one that is too large, it could make excellent waffles, but then it’s a huge hassle to get in and out of your cupboard that you will find yourself not making waffles simply because you don’t want to put it away. But you don’t want to get too small of a waffle maker, which doesn’t make the right size of waffles that you are looking for.

For size, assess how much space you have in your kitchen and how large of waffles you want. Weigh out the options, keep an idea in mind, and let’s keep shopping!

2) Waffle Thickness

There are many different types of waffle irons that provide a variety of waffle thickness. Most commonly used and seen in hotels and restaurants is a Belgian style waffle. They are thicker, usually around 1-inch deep, and have larger holes. Other styles are considered standard waffle makers.

They have lots of smaller holes that are not very deep and the waffles are about a ½ inch deep. Decide what type of waffle you are looking to make. Remember, thin waffles tend to be crisper, but some thick waffles you need to watch more carefully to make sure that they cook fully in the center. Thicker waffles will take longer to bake.

3) Number of Waffles

Amazingly enough, you now can even decide exactly how many waffles you want to make at one time. With many different styles of waffles makers to choose from, think about how many people you will be feeding. Just yourself? Maybe a single waffle maker will suffice.

Have a whole family of hungry mouths to feed, and fast? Maybe trying a Waring Pro Double Waffle Maker to make two thick Belgian waffles at once would be best. Some of the standard waffle makers, like the Cuisinart Belgian Waffler Maker makes up to 4 waffles at one time.

Once you’ve narrowed down those three decisions, you’ll notice that your choices go down as well. You’re selection becomes more reasonable and you can now easily decide on the perfect waffle maker for you and your family.

With so many different types of waffle makes on the market, it can become easy to be overwhelmed by all of the choices. Belgium waffle makers, flip waffle makers, cast iron waffle makers, and even Hello Kitty waffle makers. How is one to choose?

Best Waffle Maker Reviews

We’ve gone ahead and gone through the gigantic list of waffle makers and come up with the top 3 best waffle irons on the market.

1. Waring Pro Double Belgian Waffle Maker is a waffle maker you must check out. With it’s nifty features such as the rotary feature and a browning control knob, you will be sure to make some of the best waffles on this stainless steel maker. With it’s professional look, & Teflon plates, it definitely doesn’t look too bad on the counter and makes for an easy clean. The only downside to the maker is the size. Although it can fit nicely in an organized cabinet, it measures at 15 ½ inches front to back, 9 inches tall, and 9 ½ inches wide. If you’ve got the space though, it’s definitely worth it. One of the best waffle makers out there for sure.

The rotary function makes it great for easy even baking and even features a thermostat and browning-control knob so you have total control over making your perfect waffles. The simple on/off switch, 2 LED indicator lights, and 3 audio beep tones, always ensure that you have the fluffy and crisp waffles that you and your family can enjoy in no time.

Pro: Rotary Feature

Con: No indicators in the rotary features to let you know when you’re on the top or bottom (but these you can easily add yourself if you don’t mind drawing on your kitchen gadgets!)

2. Chefs Choice 840B Waffle Pro Express Waffle Maker easily comes in at number 2 on our list. This non-stick, quad baking system, comes with a custom texture to help create the perfect texture and color for all of your waffle making needs. With it’s fast temperature recovery system, you’ll be sure to never burn a waffle in this maker. And the best part about it, you’ll have your waffle ready in less than 90 seconds! The batter will take longer to make than the actual cooking process. Trying to get the kids a good breakfast before school? And fast? This is by far your best efficient waffle maker choice, and it falls into the category of cheap waffle makers. Don’t over fill the waffle iron and you’ll be good to go! Waffles for breakfast will be a sure-fire way of getting the kids out of bed fast in the morning.

Pro: Fast cooking

Con: Thinner waffles

3. Cuisinart WAF-150 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker at number three is still one of the best waffle makers on the market to date. It’s key feature of being able to bake four 1-inch deep Belgian waffles is a huge seller on the market and on your kitchen table. The non-stick cover is easily removable to make for dishwasher safe cleaning and easy store. With six setting temperature control and a ready to bake/ready to eat lights and sound, you won’t be able to go wrong making the perfect waffles for you and your family.

Pro: Easy clean up and storage.

Con: Bottom of waffle maker heats up more than the top

4. Flipside Electric Waffle Maker by Presto. This Presto waffle maker is top on list simple for it’s simplicity and easy of use. This professional style rotating design bakes delicious 7” wide Belgian waffles in minutes that are crispy on the outside and fluffy and tender on the inside. The brushed stainless steel interior has an easy to use digital timer, is easy to clean, and even easier to store. The timer makes the perfect addition so that you can do other things while the waffles are baking and not have to worry about them cracking or constantly checking on them. At 1350-watts, this cast iron waffle maker will be sure to please any size crowd.

5. Black And Decker Double Waffler Maker doubles the waffles and doubles the taste! The dual cooking plates let you make two waffles at once, while the rotate and cook system creates great texture and taste. The non-stick plates have extra-deep divots in the waffles making it one of the best waffle makers for adding your favorite toppings to your fluffy and delicious waffles.

Pros: Light weight, rotate feature, dual cooking system,

Cons: Difficult to clean, not self timing, plastic

Difference Between Waffle Irons

Our consumerist society has lead to many great inventions, including the waffle maker. With so many options out there, it’s hard to begin decipher what you are even looking for. Before you start doing your research on what is the best waffle iron to buy, you should know the difference between waffle irons.

  • Belgian Waffle Iron

The Belgian waffle iron is the most seen and used waffle iron in restaurants and hotels across the country. It is usually much deeper than regular irons and has fewer divots than a standard iron. However this means that it holds better pouches of syrup, fruits, or other favorite waffle toppings.

Some of the best Belgian waffle makers on the market according to Belgian Maker Waffle reviews are the Waring Pro Double Belguim Waffle Maker, which is a favorite for its’ rotary features, professional look, and Teflon plates. The Cuisinart WAF-150 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker, makes up to four 1-inch deep Belgian waffles, which makes it great for large waffle breakfasts.

One of the other highest rated waffle makers is the Presto 03510 FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker. It’s highly recognized for it’s 1350-watt system and it’s ability to make fluffy and delicious pancakes in only minutes. Not to mention, a super easy clean up.

  • Standard Waffle Iron

The standard waffle iron differentiates itself from the Belgian waffle iron mostly in size. A standard waffle iron is commonly seen in household kitchens. The divots are much shallower and there are many more of them. The standard waffle iron is also not as deep as the Belgian waffle iron, leaving you with crisp and fluffy thinner waffles.

Some of the top rated standard waffle makers are the Chef’s Choice 854 Classic Pro 4-Square Waffle Maker, and the Calphalon No Peek Round Waffle Maker.

The Chef’s Choice waffle maker features a fantastic quad system that can make up to four waffles in under two minutes. Fast baking, convenient storing, and enough to feed the whole family, this standard waffle iron is perfect for your breakfast needs.

The Calphalon Waffle Maker features an indicator light to tell you when the waffles are ready, is very easy to store, and best known for not needing to use any cooking spray. Their non-stick plates truly make this a consumer favorite standard waffle iron.

  • Novelty Waffle Iron

The novelty waffle iron falls into a wide group of waffle irons. This can include Belgian waffle irons, standard waffle irons, waffle irons with animal shapes, waffle sticks and more. The novelty waffle iron is part of the increase in the consumerism, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Here a couple of the best novelty waffle irons.

Euro Cuisine WM520 Eco Friendly Heart Shaped Waffle Maker is the perfect waffle maker for those lazy Sunday mornings where you want to share some love.

The Disney DCM-1 Classic Mickey Waffle Maker is perfect to impress the kids and grand kids around the house. Making excellent Mickey shaped waffles that are fluffy and delicious will be their new favorite breakfast


As you can see, after much research and waffle testing, we’ve concluded that these three are the best of the best waffle irons that you can purchase today. Feeding your family waffles for breakfast (or dinner) will be their favorite meal of the day and they’ll come back begging for more!