Bassinets are cozy, small and portable. They are a cute place to put your new born baby. However, you don’t get to use them for long since the baby will outgrow it within the first four months. Some bassinets will meet ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) standard but all cribs have to meet the ASTM or the federal safety standards.

It is not unusual to hear that some cribs have been recalled because they didn’t meet the federal safety standards. There happens to be no voluntary federal standards for cradles, bassinets, Moses baskets as well as bedside sleepers beyond such things like spacing of rails, rough edges and other small parts.

The consumer product safety improvement act is however in the process of setting mandatory requirements for infant and baby products and these will include bassinets. ASTM has voluntary standards that are meant for cradles and it is also on the process of ensuring that bedside sleepers are also looked into.

However, bedside sleepers are not recommended because some babies have slipped through the gaps between the adult bed and the sleeper. If you want to have your baby nearby just use a bassinet or have a crib near your bed. Cradles are not as popular as bassinets but they should rock the baby gently; pronounced rocking might roll the baby over which might turn tragic.

There are cradle and bassinet manufacturers that comply with the ASTM standard voluntarily; all you need to do is to check for a seal from JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturer’s Association) to know. This certification provides a level of assurance that safety standards have been met.

Some products have been categorized as bassinets but if they don’t have a JPMA seal, then they are not recommended. Just to be on the safer side, consider using a crib for your baby from the day they are born, until they turn four years.

Types of Cribs

Cribs come in different types but not all are good for your baby. Two of these cribs that you can consider are cradles and bassinets. When buying a cradle or a bassinet, make sure they have a JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturer’s Association) certification sticker.

1. Bassinets

This is a compact baby bed whose frame is made from wicker, wood, metal or plastic tubing. on the inside, it is covered with a fabric and most of them will come with wheels thus making it easy to move between rooms. Some have a rigid hood that blocks the light when the baby is in there and there’s too much light. Others will have shelves underneath such that items will not slide around. Most bassinets will come with all sorts of features like soft light, music and even vibrations.

For example, Carter’s bumble Soothe n’ Sleep Bassinet which goes for about 140 dollars has a modern look as compared to the others that are mostly grey in color. This bassinet has two nature sounds; it can play four melodies and one womb sound for babies that are soothed by white noise. It can also vibrate and it has an adjustable canopy, casters that lock and a large basket underneath.